Professional cleaning of Carpets, Upholstery, Fine Fabrics, Hard Surface Flooring.

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How we Work

Powered by their own engines, our efficient, self-sufficient truck mounted cleaning systems offer a modern, professional and fast solution to many deep cleaning tasks. These units are fitted within our vehicles, together with water & waste tanks they offer a totally mobile, high-powered cleaning service.


We always provide a FREE site visit to check the following:-

  • Soilage and signs of permanent staining, Fixings, Seams, Backings
  • Dye Test to ensure the correct use of cleaning solution
  • Fibre Test to correctly identify the fibres and assist pre-judgement on whether stains are removable.

Cleaning Process

Comb pile
To release matted pile for more effective dust extraction.
Power vacuum
To extract dust and grit and other dry soils to prevent turning into muddy residue.
Treat Stains
Prior to main cleaning operation to ensure that full depth of stain is removed.
Spray pre-treatment
Specifically formulated traffic lane cleaner to dissolve greasy soils.
Deep cleaning
Clean overall using the system and method decided during the initial inspection.
Hand cleaning
To all edges, stairs and other inaccessible areas.
On completion
Re-align pile fibres, replace furniture only where necessary and place on protector pads or blocks.

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commercial cleaning

We offer our commercial clients a full range of carpet, upholstery and hard surface cleaning solutions both in and out of hours.

For more information please see Commercial Services.


domestic cleaning

From carpets to curtains, leather to fine silks, depending on age and usage, we can offer cleaning with revived colouring and extended life.

For more information please see Domestic Services.